Action on Litter in Foston and Scropton

Our Hilton Ward councillors were out and about this weekend helping local residents at the Foston and Scropton litterpick.

Andy Billings, Julie Patten and Amy Plenderleith targeted the roundabout at Dove Valley Park in addition to the verges and lay by on Watery Lane. Larger finds included part of a lorry engine and sheets of metal!

Fly tipped waste on Watery Lane has also been reported to South Derbyshire District Council.

Litter is something that your local councillors are particularly keen on targeting as it detracts from some of the beautiful landscapes we have here in South Derbyshire. With the Council mowers out cutting grass verges as well, the litter and fly tipping that has been hiding in the grass is now coming to light and needs to be picked up. 

Following the litter pick, Cllr Julie Patten said:

"With the help of Scropton residents these are some of the bags we filled with litter. It’s sad that people coming into our villages seem to have no care where they throw their rubbish. Not only does it look awful, but it’s a danger to our wildlife too." 

You can report fly tipping to South Derbyshire District Council here.

Equally, if you have concerns about litter 'grotspots' or that your litter bins are not being emptied, you can report this here.

If you want to get involved in a local litter pick then you might want to contact your local parish council (details are available here) or you can contact your local Conservatives using the 'Contact' form on the homepage of our website and we will look into putting you in touch with the relevant people.