Heather Wheeler MP reports more economic progress

Heather Wheeler, MP for South Derbyshire, has expressed her delighted on hearing about a further fall in unemployment this morning.Heather commented “The good news on unemployment continues with a fall this quarter of 115,000. It has fallen every month since May 2013 and the vast majority of the new jobs have been full time. There are now more people in work than at any time since records began in 1971 bringing in a steady wage and security for themselves and their families.“Figures for South Derbyshire in September show there are 651 people on the unemployment register, another drop of 53 this month, and there are new jobs coming on stream all the time. At 1.2% our unemployment figure is one of the lowest in the country.

Heather Wheeler MP Urges Local Schools to Register for Free CPR Training Kit

Heather Wheeler MP urges the secondary schools of South Derbyshire to register for a free CPR training kit for staff and pupils to use from the British Heart Foundation.Mrs Wheeler said “CPR is a vital skill that we should all have, over 30,000 people suffer from cardiac arrest outside of a hospital each year, if more people know how to perform CPR, many lives will be saved.“The schools of South Derbyshire should register for their free kit to make sure that their students have the skills to help save a life. Cardiac arrest can happen to anyone and it would be an unnecessary tragedy for lives to be lost simply because the surrounding people did not know what to do.“I commend the British Heart Foundation for their essential work in this area and their aim to create a nation of lifesavers” finished the South Derbyshire MP.

Heather Wheeler MP Launches Local Poppy Appeal in Swadlincote

On Saturday, Heather Wheeler MP launched the Royal British Legion’s Poppy Appeal at Swadlincote Sainsbury’s.Heather said “I was honoured to be asked to help launch the Sainsbury’s Poppy Appeal on Saturday morning along with Chairman of SDDC Cllr Pat Murray.Sainsbury’s is a great supporter of the Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal, helping to raise both funds and awareness across the country.

South Derbyshire Conservatives oppose housing overdevelopment

South Derbyshire Conservative Councillors have condemned a section of Government Planning Policy which they say is creating open season for speculators and stretching local communities to breaking point.Councillor Bob Wheeler, Leader of the Conservatives on the District Council   said “South Derbyshire is a fast-growing District and we welcome appropriate housing to meet the needs of an expanding population. What we do not welcome is totally inappropriate developments going through, which Councillors believe should be refused. This is happening because we know that a Government Inspector would pass them on appeal which would cost our Council Tax payers thousands of pounds in costs, a situation we are anxious to avoid.”The last Labour government imposed a requirement on South Derbyshire to build 13,000 new homes. We consider this number to be excessive, but in order to comply; the Council has submitted a Local Plan to the government which identifies sites for over 12,340 houses. It is a plan which has tried to overcome the worst aspects of over development and follows many years of consultation with the affected communities.

Heather Wheeler MP is thrilled with low unemployment trend in South Derbyshire

Heather Wheeler MP is thrilled with this morning’s news of a further fall in unemployment in South Derbyshire. The figures show that 85 more South Derbyshire residents are now in employment, compared to August 2014.Heather said “This very encouraging monthly drop in the number of unemployed in South Derbyshire appears to be an ongoing trend; there was a drop of 45 in August and a further 85 in September.

Heather Wheeler MP Praises South Derbyshire’s Citizens Advice Bureau on World Mental Health Day

This World Mental Health Day, Heather Wheeler MP, is joining with Citizens Advice Bureau to urge any local residents who have any money, benefits or employment worries to seek advice and help.Research shows that having troubles such as these often causes stress, anxiety and depression. Citizens Advice sees many clients with these problems and 4 out of 5 of them said their mental wellbeing improved after seeking advice.Mrs Wheeler said “I would advise any of my constituents who are feeling stressed or anxious to seek out the Citizens Advice Bureau.

Heather Wheeler MP in discussions with NatWest about banking provision in Repton

Heather Wheeler MP has today had further discussions with NatWest about their provisions for customers in Repton and their collaboration with the Post Office.NatWest has confirmed to Mrs Wheeler that they are working with all national post offices and that Repton has the ability to allow customers to pay in, withdraw and check their balances and that these full services will be live in November.

South Derbyshire Commuters to Benefit from Local Growth Fund

Heather Wheeler, MP for South Derbyshire is delighted that the recent funding allocation from the Local Growth Fund will allow D2N2 to begin their plans for Infinity Park commercial estate in the City of Derby. This includes building the T12 link road, which will run from South Derbyshire to the Rolls Royce site at the top end of the new business park.