Potholes, by the numbers.

Two million, fourteen thousand, nine hundred and sixty-seven to be precise. That’s how many potholes Conservative-run councils have fixed since 2016.

Church Gresley Action Day

We braved the wind today to go out surveying local residents of Castleton Park in support of our Church Gresley candidates, Stuart Swann, Aden Hallam and Jane Perry.

We got an excellent response on the doorstep and will be looking into the concerns raised.


Newhall and Stanton Action Day

Our Newhall and Stanton Team, Barry Woods and David Lewis, were out surveying residents in Stanton yesterday afternoon.

They got a great reception on the doorsteps and will be looking into your local concerns.

Swadlincote Action Day

We were out campaigning in Swadlincote on Saturday, updating the local community on what your local Conservatives have been doing in the area!